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Textil and Apparel Industry

The textile and apparel cluster, outstands as the second producer of denim pants in the world as well as in the tailoring of dress apparel for brands of international

This industry in its more than 128 establishments employs well over 32 thousand workers in the State.

Textile and apparel industry outstands in manufacturing and has soon become the main export motor and employment generator troughout the State. There are 210 apparel and 8 textile manufacturing industries in Durango. 99.08% compete in the exporting area; 92 of them using PITEX (Temporal Import Program for Export) and 128 as Maquiladoras.

Since 1998, Durango positions itself as the 4th state,nation wide, in the apparel industry production; growing 21.2%. The number of jobs has grown from 37,261 to 43,485 in 2 years.

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